Why do I like weird music?

I sometimes get asked what I’m listening to right now and “WHY?” The “why” is often preceded by a clip of some strange emo or hardcore. I never get this question when I’m listening to some mainstream popular music and I find that strange but whatever.

Right now I’m listening to the first Marmozets album because they have been on my mental todo for a couple of years honestly. I heard one of their singles a long time ago and they did indeed strike me as very weird and wonderful.

And I try to go out of my way to find interesting stuff that tries to be something new.

I don’t know why I lean towards harder and sometimes extreme music but my theory is that my upbringing on Ella Fitzgerald, The Beatles, Ray Charles etc gave me a taste for artists with a lot of pent up energy and emotions. From scat singing to screaming to The Beatles later emo years, as a kid I felt like they spoke to me. Even the pompous My Way with Frank Sinatra spoke to me about an old person’s death anxiety.

And maybe, this kind of intensity is not to be found in other genres of music? I mean, maybe in the artists, but does it come across in their music? For someone like Billie Eilish, sure. But she is far from representative of mainstream music and that is one of the reasons why I love her music.

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